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Pork and Italian feature in latest Delia Collections

Delia fans have the chance to add to the existing four books in The Delia Collection with the publication of two further titles:

The Delia Collection - Pork The Delia Collection - Italian
The Delia Collection - Pork The Delia Collection - Italian

plus a unique interactive cookery book on DVD, Ultimate Delia, featuring 134 of Delia's finest recipes.

Delia Smith is Britain's best-selling cookery author, whose books have sold over 16 million copies to date. Her unparalleled archive of recipes spans thirty-four years of cookery writing and television, and the recently launched Delia Collection series provides an easily accessible library of popular Delia favourites organised by ingredient. The first four titles in the Collection - Soup, Chicken, Fish and Chocolate - have already sold more than 130,000 copies since their release in October, helping to ensure that once again last Christmas, Delia sold more books than any other cookery writer.

The Delia Collection - PorkThe Delia Collection: Pork

ISBN: 0563 48734 8
Released 18 March 2004

"Pork used in this book is British. One very important reason for including a book specifically on Pork for this collection is to promote British pork and bacon products. Firstly, because they are the finest in the world and secondly because British farmers are struggling to survive and compete with cheaper and very often inferior imports" - Delia Smith.

From roast pork to gammon, bacon and ham, pork is the most versatile of meats, as Delia demonstrates in this scrumptious collection. She takes readers through the different processes of roasting, baking, grilling, frying, braising and casseroling, with a separate chapter devoted to cured pork. Some old favourite cuts of meat are revisited, to remind the cook how luxurious pork can be, from "chined" loin and shoulder, to belly of pork. And more recent influences are not forgotten. New recipes include Smoked Loin of Pork with Citrus, Rum and Raisin Sauce and Roast Tenderloin of Pork with Mustard and Crème Fraiche Sauce. Also featured is Classic Roast Leg of Pork with Crackling, Sage and Onion Stuffing and Eliza Acton's Oven-Baked Apple Sauce, a dish inspired by Delia's favourite cookery writer of the 19th century.

The Delia Collection - ItalianThe Delia Collection: Italian

ISBN: 0563 48735 6
Released 18 March 2004

"This Italian book is a collection of recipes I have acquired over the years. Since spending the summer working in Italy when I was 21, I have been an enthusiastic devotee of Italian cookery always returning from holidays with ideas and trying to emulate them. So I would like to emphasise that the recipes in this collection are very much my own interpretation of this greatly loved cuisine" - Delia Smith

Italian cooking has become an essential part of the British scene: cooks here are now as familiar with lasagne, Bolognese sauce and antipasti as with roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. In this collection, Delia offers her individual and very tempting selection of Italian recipes for every occasion, which will suit both confident and less experienced cooks. Readers are taken through antipasti, such as the classic Tomato Mozzarella and Avocado Salad with Herb Vinaigrette, and Minestrone Soup, to Pasta, Risotto and Gnocchi, Fish and Meat and Puddings. There is room here for contrast, from the simple Pasta Puttanesca (known chez Delia as "tart's spaghetti"), to the exotic Tiger Prawn Risotto with Lobster Sauce. And the puddings are irresistible. Who could say no to Peaches Baked with Amaretti or the famous Italian apple dessert, Torta di Mele? And true to the Delia tradition of never assuming that people are familiar with even the most simple cooking techniques, she of course includes fail-safe advice on how to cook perfect pasta.

Ultimate Delia DVDUltimate Delia DVD

Released 8 March 2004
Duration: 640 minutes

This easy-to-use interactive cookery book is the first Delia release on DVD, combining a wide range of recipes from Delia Smith's popular television series and the accompanying best-selling book collections - Summer, Winter, Christmas and How to Cook. The 134 easy-to-follow recipes on this DVD all come complete with their own television clip and are divided into four discs. Each disc covers a particular group of recipes: dinner parties, traditional favourites, family meals and party ideas - making this the definitive DVD guide to cooking.

The searchable DVD format enables cooks to select recipes and follow the step-by-step instructions at their own pace, with hands-on guidance from Delia. Viewers can search by recipe or ingredient and can choose to view recipes alone or accompanied by the relevant television clip.

Extras include printable recipes and an index booklet so that users can quickly access the recipe they need. Ultimate Delia will be the Delia Bible on DVD.

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