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Most book reviews I have read have always had something nice to say about the book itself or the author. I don't have a problem with that in so far as I only have nice things to say . . . the problem is you are expecting me to say nice things so how do I convince you that what I have to say is of value.

Monica emailed me and asked would I be interested in having a look at her latest cookbook - I would hasten to add that she did not make it a condition that I wrote a review for her. I am always interested in looking at new books, in particular ones which might help me in areas where I tend to get lost, like Indian cooking!

So what was my reaction from the time that I opened the package containing the book? The cover instantly caught my eye and it certainly sums up what you are going to find between the covers:

The Everything Indian Cookbook, 300 tantalizing recipes - from Sizzling Tandoori Chicken to Fiery Lamb Vindaloo

As soon as you open the book you know that this is a cookbook that is going to enable you to cook your own Indian meals at last - everything is explained from the basics upwards, all written in easy to understand sections and pages.

The recipe pages are well laid out with both the English and Indian title for each recipe. The pages contain all the information you need to cook the particular recipes with easy to read lists of ingredients. Where something needs explaining Monica has added separate notes which clearly explain or instruct. It couldn't be simpler!

What I also like is that the book is about the food and its preparation, nothing else. Many books I have seen over the years which feature Indian cooking have contained far too much information, a great deal of which does not relate to what you are trying to do - cook a great Indian meal for yourself. Well now you can, so you won't be needing the telephone number for the nearest takeaway anymore!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to impress their family or friends . . . and for a change the price means this book is also real value for money.

To summarise: Great book, well produced and very well written. A must for the kitchen bookshelf.

To order a copy of Everything Indian Cookbook from UK <click here>
To order a copy of
Everything Indian Cookbook from US <click here>


Monica BhideFrustrated by the lack of straightforward Indian cookbooks, Monica became inspired several years ago to develop simplified and healthful versions of her favorite Indian dishes. The result is her highly praised first cookbook, The Spice Is Right: Easy Indian Cooking for Today (Callawind Publications, 2001), a collection of mouthwatering menus tempered with the author's up-to-date touches on classic Indian recipes. Monica guides Indian food lovers on an easy-to-use foray into the flavors, ingredients, techniques, and tips to home-style cooking using over 150 recipes.

Growing up outside of India, Monica learned authentic Indian dishes from the talented and knowledgeable hands of Indian women in her family and neighborhood. As she moved from kitchen to kitchen, she gathered the delightful anecdotes that now accompany these recipes-all told in the down-to-earth and lively voice that infuses each page with the energy and passion she has for food, family, and India.

Monica has been instrumental in the creation, organization, and expansion of the eGullet Culinary Institute focusing on providing online cooking classes. The institute has been described as the "Next Food Network" by the Washington Post. In addition, through collaboration with top cookbook publishing houses in the US, she garnered a veritable who's who of award-winning authors-including James Peterson, Paula Wolfert, James Villas, and Mark Bittman - to teach cyber-classes, participate in Q&A's, provide recipes and in-depth biographies, and provide books for giveaways.

The author also contributes to FabulousFoods.com, maintains a regular column for DeliciousIndia.com, and her work has appeared India New England News, India Abroad and India's number one woman's magazine Femina. She has appeared on Food Network Canada on "Christine Cushing Live" and the nationally syndicated food show on Talk America Radio with host Jennifer English.

In addition to her writing and editing culinary experience, Monica also actively conducts PR events for local restaurants, chefs and wine distributors, and has coordinated ticketed book and culinary author events in tandem with the book's publicist and author.

Born in India, thirty-three-year-old Monica moved to the United States in 1991. She has an engineering degree from Bangalore University and two masters in information systems technology from George Washington University. She is the founder of Spice is Right Culinary Consulting. Monica is also the recipient of the Susan B Langhorne Scholarship for Food Writers at the Symposium for Professional Food Writers held at the Greenbrier. She currently resides in Washington, DC, with her husband, Sameer, and four year old son, Jai.

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