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A special collection of tasty haddock recipes from Grampian and celebrity chefs

grill, bake, steam, poach or fry . . . haddock is a versatile fish

The North East of Scotland Fisheries Development Partnership (NESFDP) is a partnership of processors, catchers, local government, national trade agencies and other stakeholders associated with the fishing industry in the North East of Scotland.

For hundreds of years, families in the North-east of Scotland have been raised on the sea's rich harvest. Generations have thrived on the simple diet that is rich in nutrients and flavour. The sea has provided a good living and despite the often hard and dangerous life, fishing settlements along the coast-line flourished and became the strong communities which shaped the distinctive North-east characteristics of determination and courage.

Haddock, with its firm, meaty texture and delicate flavour, has always held a special place in our diets. Often served breaded or battered, it has been one of the mainstays of the family meal. But the humble haddock is so much more versatile than that, and in this diverse collection of recipes we want to bring haddock into the Twenty-first century and show the wonderful range of delicious dishes that can be made, using ingredients gathered from the world over.


In the Partnership's quest to promote haddock throughout the United Kingdom, we contacted Grampian and celebrity chefs for their assistance. We are delighted to be able to include recipes from Antony Worrall Thompson, Lady Claire Macdonald, Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay, James Martin, Josceline Dimbleby, Ken Hom, Manju Malhi, Mary Berry and Rick Stein. Our gratitude is also extended to our best local North East chefs and finest eating establishments for their contributions.

From the salty tang of simply prepared fresh haddock, to the traditional home favourites of kedgeree and fish pie, to exotic flavours such as coconut, chilli and pesto which infuse some of the more unusual recipes, this is a celebration of one of the maritime treasures of the North east. So be adventurous, be inspired and enjoy.

  Cllr Raymond G Bisset OBE
Chairman, North East of Scotland Fisheries Development Partnership
Did you know . . .
There are around 280 ports and harbours around the UK where fish is landed. The major fish landing ports in the North East are Peterhead and Fraserburgh


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  • Cullen Skink
    Kareen Horne, Swallow Waterside Inn, Peterhead

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Published 20 July 2006

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