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Leeora's Gourmet Kitchen : vegetarian wheat free and gluten free food
by Hub-UK

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Whether you are a vegetarian or you are looking to change your diet because you are wheat sensitive or whether you are one of the 250,000 people in the UK who suffers from Coeliac disease then you are just a short read away from finding the answer to your eating problems - wheat free and gluten free food and ready made wheat free and gluten free dishes.

If you have never met Leeora you should . . . and if you have not tasted the food she creates then you need to do something about it.

Leeora's Gourmet Kitchen

So who is Leeora and what is her Gourmet Kitchen?

Leeora cookingLeeora is married to Eddie and together with their son Tal they run Leeora's Gourmet Kitchen which produces the most wonderful tasting dips, pates and other dishes which reflect the Middle Eastern style of cooking.

What is now known as Leeora's Gourmet Kitchen did not of course happen overnight. It is something that has grown from years of experience gained by both Eddie and Leeora in advising people about what and how to eat as well as preparing food that they could eat . . . and enjoy!

Of course none of this would have happened without Leeora's passion for food and her great desire to see people enjoy the food she prepares.

Leeora started cooking as a young girl. Her parents owned a famous restaurant. The restaurant was on the ground floor with the family living above. Leeora has been passionate about cooking ever since she was a child and started doing chores in her parent’s restaurant at the age of nine.

VeganHer lifelong passion for cooking was first ignited when as a young girl she decided, unknown to her parents who were working downstairs in the restaurant, to prepare her own chicken soup for the family lunch. Being so small she needed to stand on a chair to reach the top of the cooker. It was here her parents found her giving a final stir to the finished soup . . . parental anxieties were soon overcome when the family sat down to eat their lunch. The soup was a huge success and from then on there was no holding Leeora back. She is still as passionate today about her cooking and her own grown up son Tal now helps her in the kitchen.

Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease is found in people who are sensitive to gluten. Gluten is found in wheat and other cereals. What this means for sufferers is that gluten causes damage to the lining of the small intestine which then leads to problems absorbing the nutrients and vitamins from food. The treatment for the disease is quite simple . . . remove all sources of gluten from the diet - wheat free and gluten free diet.

Most doctors believe that Coeliac disease is genetic and therefore there is nothing you can do to avoid it if it is in your family genes. The treatment for the disease is to avoid eating any food which contains gluten because it is the gluten which causes the problem. If you suspect you may have Coeliac disease you should consult your doctor who will, if his diagnosis confirms your fears, recommend sticking to a gluten-free diet which also means a wheat free diet. If you need help he will also recommend you to a dietitian who can advise you about which foods contain gluten and how to maintain a balanced diet without wheat and the other cereals you must avoid.

Gluten is a protein that is found in flour made from wheat and is also present in rye and barley. Gluten is the reason flour can be formed into dough and then rises during baking. Because flour is used in so many food manufacturing processes (some which would probably surprise you) gluten can be found in many foods although the most obvious are bread and pastry. For example flour is used as a thickener in many food products.

If you follow a gluten-free diet you will feel healthier and more energetic, as well as reducing the risk of developing future problems. Your Coeliac disease will never go away so sticking to a gluten free diet is important for your health. Finding wheat free and gluten free products has never been easy and although many food manufacturers now make alternative products for people with Coeliac disease many of them are fairly bland and tasteless. To enable you to stick to a controlled diet you need to find alternative foods which are both tasty as well as nourishing.

All Leeora's Gourmet Kitchen products are wheat free and gluten free - more importantly they are full of taste.

Passionate about Flavour

Leeora is passionate about flavour, in fact she is passionate with everything to do with food from its preparation to its presentation. The philosophy at Leeora's Gourmet Kitchen is to produce good healthy, tasty food.

The spices used are all freshly ground for each batch of dishes produced. This ensures the spices are fresh and retain their full flavour. It is also necessary because many companies that supply pre-prepared spices bulk them out with things like flour. This is a very necessary part of the process as all products are guaranteed gluten free and wheat free.

No sugar is used in any of the products and all the ingredients are freshly prepared. No nuts are used in any of the food although a nut warning has to be added to the packaging because Leeora does not have control over outside sources of supply. Only olive oil or sunflower oil is used in producing the dishes and, for example, the Thai Curry does not make use of coconut.

Shipped in insulated boxThe products are of such a high quality that none of the flavour is lost in the freezing, and blast chilling as soon as the products are cooked ensures that it is freshly frozen. Everything is cooked to order and everything is done from fresh so there is no long term refrigerated stock.

When ordered over the telephone or online, the goods are shipped in insulated boxes covered in ice which will keep them frozen long after the guaranteed 24 hour delivery service.

From Delicatessen to Custom Built Kitchen

Leeora and Eddie first started running a health food shop with its own delicatessen. There was a purpose built kitchen attached to the delicatessen which enabled Leeora to provide their customers with very popular freshly produced food.

A natural progression, with the popularity of Leeora's cooking, was to open what turned out to be a highly successful vegan restaurant in London from where they also produced and supplied many products to health food shops and delicatessens. But the strain of trying to run a restaurant, where everything was prepared fresh daily, and supply the various outlets with their products became too much and it was with regret that Leeora and Eddie decided to close the restaurant to enable them to concentrate on producing their food products for the home consumer.

In January 2005 the business moved into new premises in Stanway (near Colchester) where a new custom built kitchen had been designed to maximise production of the different dishes whilst ensuring the same quality and standards were preserved. Based on a fruit farm on the outskirts of Colchester it will soon be possible for people to visit Leeora’ Gourmet Food and buy the products direct.

Preparing a Wrap
This is the Family Wrap Pack for four which comes with:
Moroccan style Matbucha, Humous, Falafel and wraps.

Some of the Products
(these are just some of the products available)

  • Falafel
    FalafelA Middle Eastern specialty made up of small, deep-fried croquettes or balls made of highly spiced, ground chickpeas. They can be served inside pitta bread, sandwich style, but can also be served as appetizers. Humous or Matbucha are often served with falafel.

    “Moist and tasty whilst being mildly hot” - adult taster

    “Falafel is nice. It is quite hot and spicy. I like it being hot and spicy because I like that sort of food.” - child taster

  • Mushroom and Garlic Pate
    Mushroom and Garlic PateA mushroom and garlic flavoured vegetarian pate. Can be served as a starter or as a sandwich spread.

    “A light mushroom flavour with a definite taste of garlic. Very enjoyable on a piece of bread or an oatmeal biscuit. Definitely a family favourite for flavour and taste.” - adult taster

    “I find this pate really nice. I like the way the mushroom tastes.” - child taster

    “It is very tasty and you can really taste the mushroom. The garlic is there to flavour it and is not a strong taste.” - child taster

  • Carrot and Chive Pate
    Carrot and Chive PateA carrot and chive flavoured vegetarian pate where the vegetables blend to give this pate its own unique flavour.
    Can be served as a starter or as a sandwich spread.

    “A very interesting blend of flavours with a slight sweetness. Good tasting.” - adult taster

    “I can taste the carrot but in a sweet kind of way. I like it.” - child taster

  • Greek Style Aubergine Dip
    Greek Style Aubergine DipA dip made with aubergines, garlic, vinegar and olive oil. Can be eaten as a starter with warm bread or with a main meal.

    “Moist and tasty dip with a mild garlic presence. Excellent on a piece of pitta bread or as an accompaniment.” - adult taster

    “This dip is very sweet. I can taste and smell peppers in it and the tomatoes.” - child taster

    “It is very tasty.” - child taster

  • Babaganush
    BabaganushThis is a very popular Middle Eastern dish made from the flesh of roasted aubergine which is pureed with garlic, tahini, lemon juice and black pepper. It can be eaten in a variety of ways, including being used as a dip with whole wheat bread or crackers, spread on a pitta, or put into numerous dishes.

    “Full of flavour with a hint of pepper. Leaves you wanting more. Can be eaten alone or as an accompaniment. Has been described as having a woodland flavour!” - adult taster

    “This is one dip I will never forget. I love this one. Great spicy flavour.” - child taster

  • Koobe
    KoobeThis is Leeora's vegetarian interpretation of Koobe, a spicy African sausage from Sudan.

    “This has a light spicy flavour. It can be served as part of a main course or as a buffet style snack. Nice firm texture and good flavour.” - adult taster

    “I think this would be great with salads. It tastes good. I think I can taste some peppers and chilies– it has a good smell.” - child taster

    “The Koobe is very tasty. I can taste black pepper and red chili.” - child taster

  • Tunisian Style Harissa
    Tunisian Style HarissaThis is a medium hot traditional Tunisian style relish which is made with peppers and chili. Harissa is popular in Tunisia and other countries of North Africa and the Near East.

    “If you like the flavour of roasted red peppers then this is for you. Wonderful flavour of peppers with a hint of chili. This can be eaten on its own or as an accompaniment . . . it is excellent on French bread!” - adult taster

    “I like the chilies in it and I like the smell of it . . . and the taste. I won’t forget this for a long time.” - child taster

  • Green Lentil Pate
    Green Lentil PateA smooth pate with onion and lemon. Can be served as a starter or as a sandwich spread.

    “Wonderful peppery flavour . . . very morish!” - adult taster

    “This pate is quite spicy. I can’t really taste the lentils but it was not what I was expecting. I thought it would have been horrible but it is nice.” - child taster

  • Sundried Tomato Pate
    Sundried Tomato PateA soya bean paste flavoured with sundried tomatoes. Can be served as a starter or as a sandwich spread.

    “Instant mouth watering taste of tomato with the tang of warm spices. Has a slight sweetness which goes extremely well with the hint of lemon and the fresh spices.” - adult taster

    “This would in my opinion be great on pizza. I like this pate and I can really taste the tomatoes – it is lovely.” - child taster

    “A light delicious taste of tomato and you can smell the black pepper. I think it would go well with cheese.” - child taster

  • Vegetarian Italian Style Ragu
    Vegetarian Italian Style RaguUsually a meaty slow-cooked tomato sauce, Leeora's Vegetarian Italian style Ragu is made with Soya mince and Kidney Beans instead of meat. It is ideal with lasagne, ravioli and other fresh pasta.

    “The wonderful combination of flavours and texture made this an ideal sauce to serve with the pasta of your choice. You would not complain if you were served this in a restaurant.” - adult taster

    “This sauce is full of flavour and spicy. It tastes good.” - child taster

    “It smells freshly made. Although it is a vegetarian sauce I found it very tasty. It would go well with past or rice.” - child taster

  • Lebanese Style Humous
    Lebanese Style HumousOriginating in the Middle East, humous is a thick spread made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic which is often eaten with pitta bread. Normally served with falafel or a salad.

    “A milder tasting style of dip but again with plenty of flavour.” - adult taster

    “This is a creamy sort of pate or dip. I like it.” - child taster

  • Spicy Pate
    Spicy PateThis flavoursome pate is best served as a filling for a jacket potato or with rice or pasta. Can be served as a starter or as a sandwich spread.

    “With a drier texture than some of the other pates this has a wonderful burst of flavours. Although spicy it is not hot.” - adult taster

    “The pate is not hot at all but it is very tasty.” - child taster

  • Thai Curry
    Thai CurryThis is a vegetable Thai curry which is cooked in a spiced sauce. Thai curries are more aromatic than their Indian counterparts.

    “Good, in fact very good. With a wonderful flavour and different texture this makes a great meal served with rice. Only mildly hot.” - adult taster

    “I love this one . . . it is wonderful.” - child taster

  • Swedish Style Veggie Balls
    Swedish Style Veggie BallsA combination of ingredients and seasonings produce a mixture which is then formed into small balls and sautéed until brown. Delicious as a main dish served with past or as a snack.

    “Serve either as a buffet snack or as part of your main course. Good firm texture and good flavour with a hint of spices.” - adult taster

    “Very nice. Very delicious.” - child taster

Aslo ideal for BBQs, picnics, when organising a party or preparing a buffet.

All dishes are suitable for a vegan diet

(The two children doing the tasting were girls aged twelve and eleven)

Wheat allergy or wheat Intolerance?

There is a lot of confusion about the terms food allergy and intolerance. This has led many people to think, wrongly, that they are allergic to certain foods including wheat. True wheat allergy is extremely rare.

People often confuse the terms food allergy and food intolerance as being the same. They are of course not the same.

A food allergy is described as an abnormal response to a food brought about by the body's immune system and, without going into great biological detail, causes the release of histamine which is responsible for inflammation and the other symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Food intolerance will not trigger such a response but it may cause symptoms such as migraines, bloating or skin rashes, and in some cases can worsen the effects of conditions such as asthma, eczema or migraines.

True food allergies, such as an allergy to wheat, often produce quite violent reactions, from swelling of the lips and tongue or a red rash to the worst case scenario where the reaction can be fatal.

Numerous studies have shown that around 1% to 2% of the population suffer from a food intolerance (excluding those who suffer from Coeliac disease). This equates to between 650,000 and 1,300,000 people.

If you think you have a wheat allergy you should consult your doctor.

All Leeora's Gourmet Kitchen products are wheat and gluten free - more importantly they are full of taste.


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