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A Passion for Olive Oil
(taken straight from Papa's website)

Papa's Haven, a member of the Slow Food International Movement and the James Beard Foundation, is a family owned and operated business for the purpose of importing from Europe and wholesaling in North America certain gourmet foods that cultivate the art of living and promote gentleness, pleasure, knowledge, lasting enjoyment from culinary traditions, quality of life, and the quality of product biodiversity.

Our products come from the Mediterranean Sea, a place where three continents meet and numerous cultures are united by an enjoyment of a simple life and natural beauty, a passion for artistic creation and pride in sharing meals with friends and guests.

The foundation of our business dates back to March 12, 1979, when I received my international import-export license; however, the passion for my business began decades ago and continues to inspire my dreams and discoveries.

I come from a long line of farmers and good cooks. My great aunt was the chef at their family owned and operated "Ypatia" restaurant and inn, a favorite weekend getaway for the Greek Royal family on the Kavouri coast near Athens. When she taught me to cook my first recipe, she instilled in me the conviction to use the finest quality and freshest ingredients in order to make a meal special and one that you are proud to share.

My great grand father, a farmer and a priest, was so famous for his dinners for the less fortunate who traveled the Greek country side seeking employment that when the Danish Royal family visited his village, they specially requested that dinner in their honor be prepared by him. Other members of my family who devoted their careers to international commerce always brought an international flavor to our traditional Mediterranean family cooking style.

Inspired by my childhood dreams, I spent my youth venturing throughout Asia, Europe and the Pacific discovering their rich cultures and secrets to their exotic culinary arts. It is a joy for me to share with you some heart-warming family recipes left to me as a legacy, some of the products that I use to create these family favorites and some important information about the care that I have taken to select these products with my family's enjoyment, health and well-being in mind.

If you like our site, please recommend it to your friends and family or to your internet discussion groups. If you like our products and they are not available locally where you live, please recommend them to the manager or proprietor of your favorite local market. Convince them that you share our passion for our quality standards and that you will be purchasing our products from them.

We hope you share this passion for flavor and quality and invite you to discover the excitement that we have found in our very special products.

Bon Appetit!

Constantine Alexander
Certified Olive Oil Consultant

This article came from Constantine Alexander better known as Papa Constantine. Papa Constantine is a Certified Olive Oil Consultant based in Connecticut, USA. His website is no longer available.

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All rights reserved

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