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Every Day by Bill GrangerDo you ever pay a great deal of attention to a book title? Is it something you read without really taking in what you have read? If this is you then read the title of this book again . . . yes, that's right it says "Every Day" and that sums up what it is - a recipe book for every day.

One of the first things I do when I get a new cookery book is skim through - like a big kid, I just love to look at the pictures! And I have to say there are some great pictures, the few I have chosen to show not doing them justice at all.

There are nice quotes spread throughout the book . . . Grangerisms?

"Make sure you don't overcook the squid - you don't want rubber bands!"

These make the book feel friendlier as if Bill is talking to you while you peruse his recipes. There is no holier than thou attitude - if tinned organic lentils will do, then use them. Although, being someone who enjoys his bed and hates early mornings, I am not sure I agree with him when he says "What's that old saying? That the man who is up early owns the world? It's so true."

But I certainly agree with him when he says "to see food as one of life's great pleasures" . . . Bill Granger is undoubtedly a person who loves his food and that very much comes across as you read through the book - it is a recipe book you can read and it follows a clear pattern throughout as it takes you through every day from Monday to Sunday.

There is a Southern hemisphere / Pacific Rim influence to many of the recipes which brings a freshness to them, especially for those of us living in the Northern hemisphere . . . and these days most of the ingredients used are common to our own supermarkets.

For me breakfasts are either the traditional English breakfast or more often than not some toast, a croissant or two or a bowl of cereal. Bill Granger takes breakfast to another level - a slice of toasted Apple, Dried Cherry and Almond Loaf! There are plenty more examples where that comes from - he breathes life back into a meal which has become a chore for a lot of us.

Every Day by Bill Granger
There are some really great photographs and this has to be my favourite

He has a great attitude about what the kids eat and how they should be fed. When you read what he has to say it all makes good sense and it is nice to see a chef acknowledge that kids eat too. "I believe it's really important to develop your children's palates. After all, they are going to be the people you are sharing meals with for the next twenty years."

Whilst the book is entitled Every Day it still perhaps takes you by surprise when you turn the page and there is a section dedicated to Packed Lunches. Don't be misled though, you will just love the simple idea of Stewed Apple with Blueberries and Yoghurt or Cheat's Pizza . . . yes, these are for the lunchbox!

Bill is very human in his approach and in the way he addresses his reader. "Just like everyone else, I often find myself in the supermarket at 5 pm, zoning out in front of all those shelves and thinking "What on earth am I going to make for dinner?"

And contrary to the image created about celebrity chefs, they are just like you and me when they are at home . . . "Nothing beats the smell of garlicky seafood pasta filling the house" - I would go along with that.

I just love the way Bill endorses the things I do and, as a professional, doesn't look down his nose at us mere mortals. "I love the whole idea of mixing some good take-away foods with a few dishes I make at home."

It's all here, from food for the kids, to food for dinner parties, to barbies, to curries. There is something very much for everyone and for Every Day of the week. Not to mention religion, "I've tried wine with Indian food, but nothing beats a cold beer, drunk straight from the bottle."

And the Sunday roast is included as well, if with a little twist, together with some interesting soup recipes. Go on treat yourself this is definitely one for the kitchen shelf. If I ever get to Sydney I shall be dropping in at bills!

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Every Day by Bill Granger Every Day by Bill Granger Every Day by Bill Granger



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Published 19 October 2006

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