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Ladette to Lady - Chef Rosemary Shrager turning on the heat in the kitchen
Watch Rosemary Shrager teach the ladettes how to cook! Not an enviable task

Ladette to LadyEggleston Hall Finishing School opens its doors for a new term as its indomitable staff attempt to transform a group of Britain's most obnoxious and unrepentant 'ladettes' into ladies.

Nominated by long-suffering friends and family, the eight foulmouthed, binge-drinking, belching ladettes enrol on a five-week crash course in etiquette and manners. Pitched against the ladettes are a formidable team of teaching staff including acid tongued Liz Brewer, leading fashion designer and Royal couturier Lindka Cierach Lindka Cierach, no nonsense cookery teacher Rosemary Shrager and school principal Gill Harbord.

With the experience of dealing with last year's ladettes under their belts, the hardened tutors are ready for anything and more than confident that they can give these girls a complete attitude overhaul.

During the course the young women will learn deportment, elocution, floristry, dressmaking and sexual etiquette, and their progress will be assessed weekly by the staff through a series of challenges and tasks. The girls must excel to avoid elimination.

Eggleston Hall They will also be exposed to a series of elite social events, meeting some of Britain's most eligible bachelors. Mixing with millionaire stockbrokers, viscounts and gorgeous heirs will come as a cultural shock to the girls whose usual courtship involves swilling shots in seedy nightclubs.

As friendships develop, one of the emerging 'ladies' could well make a lasting impression and find romance at Eggleston.

With Debrett's as their bible, the girls will negotiate a series of etiquette minefields trying to avoid the drunken debauchery, swearing and catfights that characterise their lives back home.

All eight are eager to transform, convinced that becoming more ladylike will help them with their confidence, careers and relationships. However, none realise just how challenging and emotional the1 process of change can be.

Meet the ladettes:

Angela Mott, aged 24 from Essex works in recruitment and is a topless model
"I look like a lady, but once I open my mouth it all goes wrong."

Nominated for the programme by her trainer at work, Angela admits that she's an "attention seeking bitch" and "the ringleader among her mates." While she embraces her wild side, getting her kit off to model for topless glamour photographs, her lack of inhibition isn't obvious in her every day life. Working in recruitment, Angela feels comfortable with clients in the warehouse but doesn't have the confidence to tackle the commercial clients, intimidated because of the way they speak.

Angela hopes that Ladette to Lady will introduce her to a better class of person and help fulfil her dream of living the good life, complete with fancy car, big house and enough petty cash to shop to her hearts content.

To pass muster at Eggleston she'll have to curb her obsession to shock and keep her clothes on.

Becky Squire, a bar supervisor aged 21 from Fleetwood
"There's nothing else to do in Fleetwood than shag blokes."

Twenty one year old Becky Squire loves sex and she isn't ashamed to admit it. She confesses to "having flings with married men and one night stands at least once a week" but has decided that she wants to prove to herself and others that she can be "more than just a slag."

Nominated for Ladette to Lady by her boss, Becky is very close to her family and hopes that Eggleston will teach her enough to make them proud and more importantly teach her how to meet men that she genuinely likes.

Her biggest challenge at Eggleston will be learning to behave in high society and mingling serenely with eligible bachelors.

Clara Mayer, an 18 year old mechanical engineering apprentice from Kent
"I grew up around men and I need to learn how to be a woman"

Baby of the group Clara is a self confessed geezer bird whose life is dominated by men. She lives at home with her dad and her job as a Mechanical Engineering Apprentice means that she's one of the lads, on site at work as well.

Nominated by her sister, Clara shyly admits that she would actually love to see herself as a lady and see what she could be like outside of her very masculine world. Having never had a proper female role model, the teachers at Eggleston could find a willing protégé in Clara but she may not realise how much work is involved in becoming a real life Eliza Doolittle.

Emma Phillips Martin, a 21 year old new business advisor from Essex
"All my mates are up the duff. I don't want to be like that. I've always been career driven and most of my mates don't understand that."

Loud, brash, confident and always fake tanned, Emma Phillips Martin is a force to be reckoned with. She knows that men are intimidated by her and boasts that women are scared of her.

However, she is at a crossroads and wants to better herself and her situation in life, before it's too late. Nominated by her mum, Emma is fed up of attracting men who see her as a "typical Essex girl" and says that people don't take her seriously because of the way she speaks.

Teachers despaired with obnoxious Emma at school and keeping her mouth, and attitude under control will be her biggest challenge at Eggleston.

Fran Rowe, a 19 year old hairdresser from Essex
"Since I've had my boob job I want to get them out all the time."

Typical Essex girl Fran loves to spend money and she loves nothing more than designer shoes and bags. Her hairdressers wage doesn't supplement her outrageous spending so her doting father subsidises her habit.

Hurt by taunts that she could be nothing more than a hairdresser, Fran has decided that she wants to be taken seriously and therefore her family nominated their youngest daughter to try and help her change.

Fran's biggest challenge at Eggleston is going to be controlling her wild side which normally involves her flashing her breasts on nights out.

Laura Hearsum, an unemployed 20 year old from Staines
"My dad jokes that I came out of the womb drinking."

Free spirited Laura loves to party and boasts that she can drink most men under the table, whether it through necking beer, shots or wine.

A lifelong Chelsea fan, she sees herself as a bit of a tomboy but still relishes wearing low cut tops, has several men on the go at once and even admits to flashing the intimate piercings that she has all over her body, in order to get free drinks in clubs.

Laura's family have nominated her to be in Ladette to Lady as they don't want her to waste away her life drinking. Laura herself dreams of a job in marketing but can't see how she can break into that career with the way that she currently presents herself.

In order to reach the final at Eggleston, Laura will have to learn to have a good night out without reaching for the booze that could cause her to misbehave.

Louise Porter, an unemployed 19 year old from Liverpool
"If someone gives me a dirty look I'll be the first to throw a punch."

Stunning Louise Porter is a straight talking Scouser who says that most girls hate her because of her looks.

She doesn't suffer fools gladly and walked out of her most recent job after swearing at the boss. Louise loves to be the centre of attention and because of her looks she often is, but really wants to attract men who can see beyond the physical.

Louise was nominated for Ladette to Lady by one of her former managers who can see that her feisty persona is holding her back. Louise admits that she feel trapped in Liverpool but can't see a way out of the drinking, catfights and laddish behaviour that characterise her life at the moment.

Her biggest challenge at Eggleston is going to be keeping her fists to herself, especially when fine wine is flowing during posh dinner parties.

Victoria Jenkins, a 21 year old tanning salon manager from Pontefract
"I spend about £200 a week on drink."

Victoria is the winner of the 2006 series.

Victoria JenkinsYorkshire lass Vicky goes out five times a week and says that she only stays in on the other two days, Monday and Tuesday, because there is nowhere to go out and get drunk.

She lives in jeans and jumpers, even at work, and says that she feels like a "dickhead" if she has to wear a skirt. Outspoken, her mouth often gets her into trouble and she says that this was definitely the case at school where she acted up and was the class clown.

Nominated by her brother, Vicky is nervous about what lies ahead of her at Eggleston as she's never been exposed to high society and says that she doesn't even know how to use posh cutlery as she's never needed it for her favourite food, kebabs.

Vicky's biggest challenges will be both steering clear of the pints of beer, and not drawing attention to herself by acting up in class to raise a laugh.

Meet The Teachers:

Rosemary Shrager

Rosemary is one of Britain's finest cookery teachers and is back for the second series of Ladette to Lady. Rosemary will be tutoring the girls in the art of fine food and cookery.

Gillian Harbord

Gillian is back at Eggleston hall for the second series of Ladette to lady. She will teach and assist the girls on the art of flower arranging.

Rosemary Shrager Gillian Harbord
Rosemary Shrager
Gillian Harbord

Linka Cierach

Lindka is one of Britain's most prestigious designers and boasts and extensive catalogue of designs, including designs for the Royal family. She will be introducing the girls to the principles and techniques of elegance and fashion.

Sarah-Jane English

Sarah-Jane will be tutoring deportment. She will help the girls with their appearance, posture and carriage.

Fiona Keane

Fiona is the former head of make-up at Lucie Clayton. She will be tutoring the girls on personal grooming and the art of using and applying cosmetics.

Elizabeth Brewer

Elizabeth returns to Eggleston hall as the socialite and etiquette guru to the girls. She will be tutoring on etiquette and social protocol.

Kate Forester

Kate has taught elocution at one of Britain's oldest finishing schools, Evendine Court. She will assist the girls in their speaking and help them on developing their public speaking and conversation skills.

Liz Brewer Kate Forester
Liz Brewer
Kate Forester

Enjoy the delights of a cooking break at an exclusive luxury castle, Swinton Park, with Rosemary Shrager the celebrated TV chef who runs her programme of day and residential courses throughout the year from the Swinton Park cookery school. The courses cover a wide range of techniques and styles of cooking. The recipes for each day have a theme, and a wide range of complementary dishes are prepared.

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The following are examples of recipes you could enjoy making with Rosemary Shrager on one of her residential cookery courses:

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Published 03 October 2006

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