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Lomo - an Artisan Surprise
by Orce Serrano Hams

What is Lomo?

Lomo can be purchased in Spain in two forms - cured and uncured; the latter is simply a pure loin of pork with very little fat, the finest fresh loin from the pig. Fresh lomo is ideal for many recipes given its low fat content, our favourite is "Lomo con fino" or loin of pork cooked in Jerez Sherry and garlic - very nice!

Cured lomo is a little more diverse as it comes in various forms and sizes, you can of course buy a full loin of fresh lomo but a full cured loin tied to a wooden board is to say the least impressive. Ideal for large functions the tapas and flavours from such a loin are a true artisan experience. Normally a pure cured loin comes vacuum packed, is quite soft with the centre being a real melt in the mouth experience. There are however other kinds of lomo to be savoured . . .

What is Lomo? What is Lomo?

Lomo Corteza is a full (or part of) loin which has been cured with Rosemary and other herbs. Unlike the pure loin the lomo Corteza is from the outer side of the loin and still possesses the layer of fat and also the rind. Firmer in texture but ultimately delightful for a mixture if herby flavours. These loins can come up to a meter and a half in length so a real showpiece at any Spanish function.

Home cured lomo is a pure loin that has been cured the old fashioned way. Pieces are usually around a foot in length and appear to be white due to the curing process. Firm around the outer but with a superb texture inside these pieces of lomo make great tapas and go down well with any good red wine.

For price per kilo good lomo is more expensive than Serrano ham, a little like a fillet steak but very very different! To taste cured lomo is to enter real artisan Spain, a different flavour altogether from Serrano ham, just as good but perhaps a little under-rated. Why we don't know!

Perfect Partners for cured lomo:

  • Seasoned olives (with garlic / oregano / thyme)
  • Grapes
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vine tomatoes (peppered)
  • Red wine
  • Fino Sherry
  • Fresh red peppers


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Published 21 January 2008

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