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Vinegars . . . and you thought they were just for chips
A unique taste of the past for Kitchens of the Future!
from Alan Coxon

For the past eight years TV chef Alan Coxon has been creating and developing ingredients, that are about to take the world by storm, in the form of a Mediaeval Fifteenth century Old English Ale-Gar, an Ancient Greek Vinaigre and a Roman Vinaigre.

Alan Coxon's new Historic Vinaigre range scoops the highest accolade in the catering industry!

Caterer and Hotelkeeper Excellence in Food and Drink AwardsIn November 2008 Alan Coxon's Historic Vinaigre range won two top prizes at the prestigious Excellence in Food and Drink awards hosted by Caterer and Hotelkeeper. The judges were so impressed with the three vinegars that they went straight to the top of the scoreboard and scooped the Innovation award as well as the coveted Gold award, chosen from all of the category winners.

Alan, TV Chef and Food archaeologist said of the win "I am over the moon to have won the two awards for my Historic Vinaigre range. The range has been nearly 10 years in development requiring vast amounts of time and commitment to create something truly unique for kitchens and tables around the globe. The daily challenges to get to market have been vast and often intense, so this recognition by such a panel of respected judges and peers within the food industry is fantastic, the wins also confirm and support my personal belief and quest for quality."

By delving back in time, Alan has taken a page from cookbooks of old to reproduce the flavours and ingredients that once adorned the tables of Mediaeval Knights, mighty Roman Emperors and Ancient Greek temples and thus created the three Historic Vinaigres; Mediaeval Ale-Gar, Ancient Greek Vinaigre and Roman Vinaigre. Each holds a unique combination of flavours that will enhance all aspects of modern cooking.

All three of the Historic Vinaigres reduce down to sweet and sour syrups that work incredibly well with desserts, ice creams, crispy roast pork or fresh baked breads. They are all presented in a stylish glass bottles, combining ancient and modern aesthetics to create a stunning look for any home kitchen.

Alan Coxon's Ale Gar

Ale-GarThe Ale-Gar is possibly the biggest contender to Italian Balsamic style vinegar in 150 years. It is dark in colour like stout and can be used in exactly the same way as a balsamic. However the big difference is that Ale-Gar offers a completely different flavour.

Alan Coxon's Ale Gar is produced from an original recipe once brewed in Mediaeval England. Its base is hops, as opposed to wine, and it has a natural hint of chocolate and cinnamon giving a warm and comforting flavour.

Its usage is equally as diverse as it can be added to beef dishes such as a bolognaise sauce, beef and venison casseroles, drizzled over oysters, reduced and drizzled over strawberries, ice cream or with parmesan cheese. It is also great when used in marinades or simply used as a dipping sauce for crusty bread instead of a Balsamic.

Alan Coxon's Ancient Greek Vinaigre

Ancient Greek VinaigreThe Ancient Greeks were historically respected far and wide as leaders in the culinary field. The dominant flavours of Greek cuisine were honey, vinegar, fish sauce and a carefully balanced selection of herbs and spices. Their aim was to achieve a blend between the sweet and the sour offering an all round experience.

Alan Coxon's Ancient Greek Vinaigre has taken a route of balance and simplicity, while bringing out the individual flavours. The sweetness comes from honey and sun drenched vine fruits, whilst a fresh clean acidity is delivered from quality wines used in its production. Finally the infusion of his secret blend of herbs and spices adds to this unique product.

This Vinaigre lends itself well to replace rice wine vinegar in oriental stir-fries and soups, marinades, sweet and sour dishes, salad dressings and hot and cold sauces. It is fruity, fresh and fragrant - naturally befitting any Greek Goddess.

Alan Coxon's Roman Vinaigre

For the Roman Vinaigre Alan was influenced by three of Ancient Rome's greatest gastronomes. All three were named Apicious and lived during the rise of Julius and Augustus Caesar, Emperors Tiberius and Trajan. By the end of the first century AD the name Apicious had become a symbol of wealth and all of the good things in life.

The Roman Vinaigre is made using Cape wine infused with some of Ancient Rome's favourite spices.

Look out for warming flavours such as cinnamon, hints of chamomile and a touch of peppercorn, sweetened by one of the oldest sugars known to man, honey - a favourite and much used ingredient in the Roman period. This Roman Vinaigre is warming both on the palate and to the nose. It oozes herbs and spices, fruit and floral undertones.

The Roman Vinaigre is great for adding to salad dressings, as a dip for crusty bread with a dash of olive oil, added to hot butter or egg based sauces or as a marinade for pork or poultry. Flavours fit for an Emperor!

World class vinegars

All three products have been trialed by many distinguished names in the culinary arena including top Celebrity and Michelin starred chefs across the UK and Switzerland with glowing results. These are just a few examples:

Gennaro Contaldo of La Passione Restaurant
"I think that Alan Coxon's historic range tastes sublime. The quality and flavour of the Ale -Gar is outstanding, I use it in my Guinnea Fowl dish instead of Balsamic now. The Roman is great in my salads as a dressing and the Greek, I use in Marinades. Alan is truly a great chef, now he has some great products that I will continue to use."

James Martin TV celebrity chef of Ready Steady Cook fame
"Absolutely fantastic product, I'd like to sell the boxed set at my Winchester Deli."

Daniel Galmich Michelin starred Chef
"Wow, they are truly wonderful, amazing flavours."

In addition to a stunning product, Alan has designed and created a distinctive looking bottle to store it in, incorporating a contemporary and contradictory blend of old yet modern presentation to maximum effect with a slight frosting around the top quarter of the bottle.

Alan Coxon's Historic range has been specially selected and included within the Naturally Best portfolio of quality fine foods.

For further information please visit www.alancoxon.com


Published 28 April 2008

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