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You like Guinness, you like HP Sauce . . . so now enjoy them both togther in HP Guinness Sauce

A smooth little number with a tangy flavour – Heinz is proud to present a truly unique addition to the HP family.

Two iconic brands have collaborated to create HP Sauce with Guinness - a distinctive, quality sauce that combines the best of both brands to bring your food to life in 2011. The launch was just in time for the ultimate celebration with Guinness - St.Patrick’s Day, when people across the nation headed down to the pubs to enjoy a pint of the black stuff.

This exciting new sauce blends the unique taste of the black stuff with the spicy, familiar taste of HP resulting in a tantalising blend of familiar flavours that fans of both will love.

Made with quality ingredients, HP Sauce with Guinness is a perfect complement to sausages, adding a delicious, rich and tangy taste to your everyday banger butties.

But banger butties are just the beginning, as this tasty new sauce also lends itself to a whole range of delicious mid week meals such as quick and easy bangers and mash, fiery fajitas and delicious stir-fries. Lovers of both HP and Guinness are in for a treat as the sauce is the ultimate accompaniment to classic winter warmers like Steak and Guinness Pie. In fact, HP Sauce with Guinness is the perfect match for almost any meat dish, from char-grilled beef through to slow-cooked pork. Whether around the BBQ or snacking on some simple cheese and ham on toast, fans of Guinness especially will enjoy the unique lift which comes from blending in the distinctive flavours of this well crafted, world famous Irish stout to the much loved HP sauce.

HP sauce with Guinness has been specially made so that everyone can also enjoy its versatility in casseroles, pies and other hearty dinner-time dishes. It also helps to make great gravy for your weekly roast beef dinner.

HP Sauce with Guinness joins the family of HP sauces which can already be found in kitchen cupboards across the country, including HP Pepper Sauce, HP Fruity Sauce, HP BBQ Sauce and the HP range of Hot sauces.

This latest HP flavour is set to invigorate dishes on every dining table this year, bringing gourmet feasts and everyday favourites to life. reputation for superb flavour, just as nature intended.

. . . and now to the video

If you are a follower of the site you will have seen a lot of videos presented by Chef Phil Vickery but now a very different Phil Vickery introduces you to HP Guinness Sauce:


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