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Bosch coffee machineThe fact that traditional pubs are closing every day around the country continues to be news, but it's rare that there is any coverage about something that seems to be going in precisely the opposite direction – namely the way that every day a new coffee outlet seems to open up nearby.

A few centuries ago the term 'coffee shop' was something akin to a drinking den, where the fringes of society gathered to plot and plan and generally while away the time. So pretty much like a pub, then.

Even as recently as the Fifties in the UK coffee bars were where the dreaded early rock and rollers hung out listening to their dangerous Shadows records, and a few years later the Mods were all engaging in their Italian flirtations by hanging round drinking cappuccinos.

Today things couldn't be more different. Every high street in the country has a couple of major chain coffee shops and a sprinkling of independent ones, and your choice of coffee style says more about you than your brand of smartphone.

All this has led to an explosion of interest in how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. It's no longer about what grinder you use for your beans, or whether you prefer a stove top espresso maker to one of the many coffee machines on offer. What really matters is how well you can make your own cup of coffee.

The Tassimo range of machines is pretty much an ideal answer. With their stylish design they look at home in all types of kitchens, but it is the use of cutting edge technologies that really sets them apart.

Manufactured by Bosch, the unique 'intelligent barcode technology' each machine has means that it makes the perfect cup no matter what your particular preference is.

The barcode printed on every T DISC (the pod that you choose to make your own brew) contains information about the amount of water, brewing time and the precise temperature needed to make each drink.

As the machine also makes tea and hot chocolate as well as a full range of coffees, this is extremely important, as each different brew needs a totally different approach.

Another clever bit of tech that makes a difference is a flow heater, which means that there’s virtually no heat-up time so you can brew your drink right away. This also means that the machine uses a very low level of power consumption and switches off immediately after use, making it one of the most 'green' coffee makers on the market.


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