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Birmingham prides itself on the variety of cuisine that you will find across its many restaurants. There are over two hundred cafés, diners, bistros and bars serving in Birmingham city centre alone, with twenty-seven different nationalities running food outlets marketing their traditional fare. The truly multicultural population is largely responsible for this fabulous array of choices, making this city the perfect place to head to if you want to get an authentic taste of some exciting foreign delicacies.

The city has its own thriving Chinatown with all the delicious restaurants and takeaways you'd expect, cooking up everything from gourmet creations to all-you-can-eat buffets. Birmingham also boasts the well-deserved title of curry capital of the UK, thanks in large part to the famous Balti Triangle where you will find over fifty restaurants serving their own special brand of Asian cuisine. The majority are family-run, so you are guaranteed home-cooked care with every Korma and Naan bread.

The New York Times listed the city as one of its top destinations to visit in 2012, based largely on its dining scene, and the city's reputation has climbed higher in recent years, with three restaurants achieving Michelin stars - the ultimate industry seal of approval.

Purnell's is located conveniently in the city centre and offers a delicious seasonal menu, while Simpsons restaurant in Edgbaston makes for fantastic dining further off the beaten path.
Spiceal Street in the Bullring has eight unique eateries to tempt you away from your shopping, with plenty of recognisable favourites around so you can stop for a coffee or sandwich in between purchases.

If you would rather gaze out at tranquil countryside than bustling streets, the surrounding West Midlands has plenty of rustic taverns and pubs that are perfect for picking up a pint while on an afternoon walk.

You will want to be back in the city for Christmas, however, as the beautiful German-inspired Christmas Market is quite simply an unmissable experience. With stalls offering mulled wine, Stollen and every imaginable variety of bratwurst, you certainly will not go hungry as you examine the trinkets on offer from all around the world.

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