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Young families often struggle to get by financially. With all the costs that come with having children, it can be difficult to afford a full fridge each week. If you’re struggling to afford your weekly shop at the beginning of the week, don’t worry, as there are ways to make your money go further - here’s how to feed your family when money’s tight. 

Plan Your Meals 

Shopping day by day is an easy way of increasing your food costs. Instead, plan your meals at the beginning of the week and include a budget to match. By doing this, you decrease the chances of putting expensive snacks you don’t need into the trolley. 

Batch Cook Meals for the Freezer 

Cooking a fresh meal every day won’t only drain your energy as a parent, but it will also drain your bank account. Instead, look at recipes you can freeze and start batch cooking your meals. That way, when you spend hours over a pot, the result is multiple meals rather than dinner for just that night. 

Hunt for Discounted Food 

If you go to the supermarkets at the right time, you will find many foods on offer for a discounted price. Try to schedule your shopping trips to match up with these times, and get your hands on ten-pence crisps and a twenty-pence bag of veg. It all makes a difference! 

Eat What’s in the Cupboard 

Instead of rushing to the shop when it’s time to make lunch or cook dinner, have a look at what is in your cupboard and get creative. Most households have old tins and packets of food at the back of their cupboards that are still in date, so don’t ignore them! You might just come up with a new favourite family meal. 

Recreate Fast Food Recipes

If you love fast food for dinner now and again but it’s draining your bank, look into recreation recipes. By doing this, you still get satisfaction without having to spend upwards of thirty pounds on a single meal for your family. Visit Taste of Home for delicious copycat recipes that won’t break the bank. Plus, you will find food like this is much better for you!

Use a Food Bank 

If you are really struggling to feed your family, there is always the option of using a food bank. Don’t feel ashamed for going – it’s designed for people who need it most, and that includes young families who need to feed themselves. It doesn’t have to be an ongoing option, but it can be helpful during those months where you struggle. 

Consider a Small Loan

On a particularly difficult month, you could consider a small loan to help tide you over until your next payday. Just make sure you can pay it back in time, as you don’t want to contribute to more financial troubles. Have a look around at different loan types to suit your needs, and don’t be put off if your credit score is lower than average, as these days there are specialist lenders providing loans for bad credit. See more on this at CashLady.com.

Struggling to pay for your meals is always tough. By being a little smarter with your money, though, you can make sure there is always food in the cupboard. 

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