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White wineThere are a range of different whites around and each offers something a little different. In order to get the most from your choice of white wine at the dinner table, it is essential to team it up with the right foods as this will make it taste even more tantalising than usual. There is a difference between the foods which will go well with white wines, as opposed to red and rosy wines. As a general rule, light foods will combine better with white wine.

  • Shellfish and Rich Fish

    Shellfish and others types of fish which are strong tasting are a really good match for white wine as they help to bring out the taste. The specific types of white wine which go particularly well with shellfish include Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Sauvignon also goes well with salmon as it is a strong tasting wine which matches the strength of the taste of the salmon. These complement each other and make a mouth-watering meal which is difficult to resist.

  • Chicken and Pork

    There are many ways to combine chicken into a meal and this is an ideal dish to consume with a good dry white wine. Some of the main white wines which go well with chicken are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Merlot. The ingredients of the chicken dish should also be considered when considering which white wine to pair up with the meal. Pork is another type of meat that works well together with white wine and in particular, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon as these help to bring out the flavour.

  • Steak

    It is often a misconception that steak should be eaten with red wine; however there are also several types of white wine which also work well with this red meat. Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris are two types of wines which complement steak and really add to the flavour of the delicacy.

  • Pasta

    Indian Food
    White wine goes well
    with Indian food
    The creamier the better when it comes to the type of pasta which goes well with white wine. Chardonnay in particular will go well with pasta and will really help to bring out the flavour and invigorate the taste buds. If you buy fine wine to go with your pasta, you will be sure to have a tasty meal, whether you eat at home or in a restaurant.

  • Indian Food

    Most of us enjoy indulging in some Indian food and white wine is a drink which goes quite well with this food. Sauvignon is one of the types of white wine which compliments Indian food as it helps to bring out the flavours. As Indian food has so many different, strong flavours, it is best to try and combine it with quite a light white wine.

  • Desserts

    It can be nice to finish off a good meal with a dessert but it is essential to match it with the right type of white wine so that you can get the most out of the combination of flavours. The best types of white wine to try with your dessert are Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris as these work well together with sweet flavours. The type of white will depend a lot on the dessert but as a general rule, these should work well together. If you like to buy fine wine, you will find that these are the types which will work best.

  • Salad

A salad and glass of white wine can offer a good combination due to the fact that a salad can often be quite bland in flavour. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc are two types of wine which offset the flavour of the salad, bringing it to life a bit more and offering a good combination of tastes.

Article writen by Charlotte Rivington

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