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How to Make Your Barbecue a Super Summer Gathering


How to Make Your Barbecue a Super Summer GatheringNothing screams summertime like gathering the friends and family for a good ol’ backyard barbecue. And there are few meals that are as likely to put people in a happy and care-free mood as a dish from the grill, which promotes the laid back style of easy living. So if you’re looking to light up the coals, or turn on the propane this summer, here are a few tips to make your barbeque the ultimate summer gathering.

Pick your meats carefully

Depending on the size of your party there’s a variety of high-end and easy to cook meats that you can serve. Classic and simple cuts like hamburgers and sausages are a staple that everyone will be happy to dig into, and because they cook quickly and without any hassle they can serve a large group. For smaller groups you might want to try some fine quality steaks, like a dry-aged, bone-in rib eye, or a porterhouse, which are flavourful choices for a group of five to six. For larger groups you can toss a whole tenderloin on the grill, which will serve up to 15 people. You can also pick-up some tasty bites like short ribs, chicken wings, and drumsticks.

Choosing your barbecue

Barbecues come in a variety of styles, the main difference being between the source of fuel - either charcoal or propane gas. Some believe that a charcoal barbecue gives meats a more traditional grilled taste, while others feel that the modern ability to control the flame and temperature of the grill with propane gas allows for more perfectly cooked meats.

Many propane barbeques also come with the advantage of duel fuel cookers, which allow you to cook multiple foods at separate temperatures on different parts of the grill. One option you might want to consider are duel fuel cookers from Tesco, which you can find online.

Selecting sides

Picking the right sides for a barbeque is as important as selecting the right meats, as you’ll want to have something that is light and refreshing alongside the richer flavours of your meats. The best choice is a variety of salads, since they’ll allow your guests to serve themselves without any complications and pick and choose their preference.

Try a mix of vegetable offerings, such as potato salad, Greek salad, and a classic caesar. Throw in some slices of melon, grapes, and other fruit too for a cool and light dessert.

However you decide to put together your grilling menu for a summer cook-out, you won’t go wrong by having a variety of options available to both eat and drink.

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