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English BreakfastBreakfast . . . it is always there, staring at you at the start of every day. You sit down to it in the same way - probably at the same time - every morning. Good ol’ reliable breakfast. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself about it? Does everybody do this? Even on the other side of the world? Well here, to blow your breakfast mind, are the answers! Here are just a few traditional breakfasts from around the world, to give you an idea of just what everyone else is doing - what exactly constitutes everyone else’s ‘good ol’ reliable’?

  • China

    Rice is truly the staple food of the Chinese diet and it even plays a part in breakfast, forming the base for congee. This breakfast dish, similar to gruel or porridge, is often enlivened with flavoursome ingredients such as aromatic types of mushroom.
  • Iceland

    Suddenly taking a massive leap to the northwest, the traditional Icelandic breakfast is a simple one. Its core is oatmeal porridge or Hafragrautur, often eaten with sugar and nuts or raisins.
  • Ethiopia

    Sailing off south, the core of the Ethiopian breakfast is the injera. This sourdough flatbread is shredded and served with onion, butter and spices to create the breakfast fitfit dish, which is often eaten with yogurt and honey.
  • USA

    Though your first thought is probably an enormous stack of syrup-soaked pancakes, this is not all. The American James Jackson also gave us cereal in 1863 and it has since become a central feature of USA breakfasts.
  • UK

    Breakfast takes many forms in the UK – from the fried delight of a full English to the healthier alternative of cereal. Toast is another common addition to the English breakfast diet, especially when washed down with a refreshing glass of milk or orange juice.
  • Pakistan

    Jumping many physical and cultural miles, a traditional Pakistani breakfast is likely to involve the pan-fried flatbread Aloo Paratha. This central bread tends to be filled with vegetables and eaten with butter or chutney.
  • Poland

    The full Polish breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, potato pancakes and slices of Kielbasa, a form of sausage. This traditional Polish breakfast is known as Jajecznica.
  • Peru

    If we zoom back down south, Ceviche is a classic Peruvian dish. It is not only eaten for breakfast, but is popular at all times of day. It consists of chilli-spiced raw fish marinated in a variety of citrus juices.
  • France

    Finally, breathless from our world tour, why don’t we stop somewhere a little closer to home? Separated by just a smidgeon of water, just how did the French come up with something so utterly different to the classic full English? The famous French breakfast consists of one of a variety of pastries - croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins - washed down with a splash of café noir.

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