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Pestle & Mortar Awards links to contributing sites

The Hub-UK Pestle & Mortar Awards are given to websites which we feel have contributed some Great Food Ideas which have been featured on the Hub-UK website.

It is our way of acknowledging the importance of these contributors to the success of Hub-UK which without its varied contributors would be nothing.

To receive the award the following are required:

  • a recipe or article has to be featured on Hub-UK

  • the website must be about or relate to food

The award is given to contributors websites based on their content without taking into consideration the design and layout of the website. Food and the enjoyment thereof is what is important.

The following websites have received The Hub-UK Pestle & Mortar Awards:

à la carte
Alan Spedding's Blog
Anna Maria Volpi
Antico Martini
Ashburton Cookery School
Becky's Cookbook
cook in
Cook Italy
Crannog Seafood Restaurant
Down Home Southern Cooking
Food Reference Site
Judy Ridgway
La Cucina Eoliana e Siciliana
Leite's Culinaria
Les Kincaid
Mangia Bene Pasta
Middle Eastern Recipes
Nana's Recipes
Pete in ZA
Portuguese Homestyle Cooking
Raymond Blanc
Rick Stein
Sam Cooks
Seasoned Pioneers
Stirrin' Stuff
Waterside Inn - Michel Roux

These are the different award certificates that can be posted on the sites that have been given the award:

The oval and circular certificates have transparent
surrounds so will paste well into any web page.

The HTML code for adding a link from the certificate on your site to Hub-UK is:

<a href="" target="_blank">image file name</a>