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TallyrandWelcome to cooking and food tips by Tallyrand, where everything is put together with tender loving care and you in mind, whether you are a home cook, a foodie or a professional chef. All my recipes have been tried and tested by me over my many years as a professional chef.

This section does not cover everything you might want to know but will hopefully answer some of your questions. If you need further help or advice just contact the site.

While recipes should be followed as closely as possible (the smaller the amounts prepared the greater the potential for disaster from little mistakes), I firmly believe in these quotes from the Masters, so please feel free to make adjustments or add your own twist.

"Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste, not exact measurements" ~ X Marcel Boulestin

"A recipe no matter how well composed or researched is no substitute for imagination, creativity and flair" ~ George Auguste Escoffier

Food Type Cooking Tip
General Reheating food
Bread Bread making definitions
Baking Baking powder - what and how
Fish Tips on fresh fish
Fried Deep frying guide
Fish Cooking tips for fish and other seafoods - FAQs on cooking fish and shellfish
Chilli Using chillies in cooking
Potato Potato types and uses
Flour Common flours and flour types
Pastry Working with phyllo / filo pastry
Chocolate Chocolate types
Chocolate Working with chocolate
Eggs Using eggs in cooking
Pepper Ground pepper in cooking
Custard Problems with custard
Garlic Top 10 Garlic Cooking Tips
Fish Frozen fish versus fresh fish
General How fresh is fresh food
Shellfish Purchasing and cooking shellfish
Vinegar Cooking with and use of vinegar
Baking Guide to cake baking
BBQ Cooking with wood
Marinades How to use marinades and marinating
Lamb Cooking lamb, hogget or mutton
Fat Removing excess fat
Salt Removing excess salt
Baking Using yeast in cooking
Baking Working with Tuile
Tomatoes Making a tomato concassé
Pastry How to make hot water paste
Suet How to make suet paste
Flour Gluten in flour
Potato Secret of making potato purée
Pastry Blind baking pastry
Pastry Secret to good pastry making
Bread Make your own baking powder
Rice Rice
Various Use of dried fruit and butter in baking
Various Preserving and pickling jars
Eggs Using fresh eggs
Pasta Cooking pasta
Poultry Cooking a whole turkey
Baking Fruit cake for Christmas
Offal Cooking offal
Pâtisserie Blind baking
Batter Deep frying
Hygiene Food hygiene basics
Mushrooms Mushrooms and coulis
Vegetables Basic vegetable preparation
Sauces Making sauces
Beef Cooking Beef fillet Steak