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Bora da everyone! I hope you all had time to make and enjoy some of the Welsh cakes from last week's recipe? I sit here on watching the sun set typing this, its St David's (March 1st) I have a pot of tea, a freshly baked batch of cakes in front of me and some wonderful New Zealand cheddar to eat with them. On the stereo I have my sister's Xmas present playing, a CD of Bryn Terfyll singing all the Welsh classic's . . . what a way to celebrate!

But I digress as usual . . . this week's recipe was at the request of our very own David, who asked me about pastry making. So I am sharing with you the recipe I always use for savoury tarts, tartlets and quiches. It is a short pastry that uses butter and cream cheese, it gives the pastry a very delicate texture and have a melt in the mouth feel, not to mention being easy to make, with no fancy techniques or baking knowledge needed.

Following the pastry recipe is a special bonus this week! Well there is no point in having a cooked pastry case sitting there and nothing to do with it, is there? So we are also going to make an onion tart, a classical French dish that I love to share with friends over a glass of Beaujolais, an espresso, some brie or camembert and a little cranberry sauce with a splash of lemon juice in it for extra tartness and not a hint of meat in sight!

We will be looking at other pastries over the coming weeks, so you will always have an easy to prepare recipe on hand when the occasion arises. Oh and a special recipe soon to help the Irish celebrate St Patrick's Day!

Until then, bon appetit and enjoy!

Ingredients for Short pastry

butter (at room temperature)


cream cheese (at room temperature)


plain flour



How to make Short pastry

  • Cream the butter and cream cheese together
  • Add flour and combine quickly to a homogenous paste (add more pastry if it seems to wet)
  • Refrigerate for one hour to allow it to rest
  • Remove from chiller and allow to come up to temperature before rolling (enough to line 1 x 20cm flan ring)
  • Lightly grease and flour a 20 cm flan ring, roll out pastry and line the flan ring
  • Lightly pierce the bottom of the pastry with a fork (this is called docking the pastry) to stop any air bubbles forming when baking, place on a tray
  • Line with some greaseproof paper and fill with baking beans, lentils or similar
  • Rest again for 1 hour
  • Blind bake in a pre-heated oven (170ºC) for 20 minutes

Chef's Tip for Short pastry

Do not worry if the pastry tears when lining the case, the texture of it means patching up is easy and undetectable when cooked.

If you would like to try making the pastry why not have a go at making the Onion Tart recipe

Chef's terminology:

litres   tsp = teaspoon
millelitres   tbs = tablespoon
kilograms   sq = sufficient quantity (add to taste)
grams   pc = piece, meaning a whole one of

Enjoy and bon appetit . . . . .

Recipe from professional
Chef Tallyrand