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Fruitiness at its best . . . . .

This week I am answering a question poised by Hub-UK! How many times have you seen a recipe that calls for a fruit essence that you just cannot find in your local supermarket or deli? Or how many times have you wanted / needed something to give a dessert a terrific boost in flavour?

Well this week's recipe is really more of a basic technique that will solve these problems. It removes the very essence of the fruits to leave a strong flavoured liquor and may be used for many recipes and dishes, as it produces a wonderful fruit syrup essence that might be used for making:

It may also be used to flavour endless amounts of other desserts or used as a concentrated sauce to drizzle over other desserts or ice creams. The amount of sugar to be used will vary depending on the tartness of the fruit you are using and just how sweet or tart you want the finished product to be, so a little experimentation may be required. I prefer to be minimilistic with the sugar and add a little clear honey to the final syrup essence if required, which it rarely ever is as we have to remember two important points:

  • Fruits are often naturally tart and it gives that freshness in flavour to a dish

  • Often the syrup essence will be used in a dish where we will be using sugar anyway and if the syrup essence is sweet, the final dish will end up being overly sweet

If using berries leave them whole (cut large strawberries in half) and if using fruits like peaches, plums, etc cut them into segments

With this technique you will find the fruits (especially strawberries) will lose most of their colour and will be left sitting in a well flavoured and coloured natural essence / syrup. While I normally discard the fruit afterwards, some of them may still be used to add bulk to an ice cream, etc but will be there for effect only as all of their flavour will now be in the syrup essence.



fruit of choice
sugar - castor


  • Place the fruit in a heat proof bowl

  • Sprinkle in the sugar and gently mix in

  • Seal the bowl well with cling film

  • Place the bowl over a pan of gently simmering water for approximately 8 minutes

  • Remove from the heat and allow the bowl to sit over the 'bain marie' until the water has cooled

  • Remove from the bowl and the cling film from it

  • Carefully drain the syrup away

  • Chill until required

Chef's Tip:

The syrup essence will keep in the fridge for up to a week

The flavour may be further strengthened and thickened by placing it on a gentle heat and simmering it to allow it to reduce and strengthen.

Enjoy and bon appetit . . . . .

Chef's terminology:

litres   tsp = teaspoon
millelitres   tbs = tablespoon
kilograms   sq = sufficient quantity (add to taste)
grams   pc = piece, meaning a whole one of

Recipe from professional
Chef Tallyrand

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