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When adding dried spices to a cake recipe mix them to a paste with a little water, they will be incorporated more easily.

To test when a cake is cooked insert a clean vegetable knife or cocktail stick into the centre of the cake. If it is still clean when you remove it the cake is cooked, if not return it to the oven until it is done.

Place the cold cake in an airtight cake tin or similar until it is required but open it every week and turn the cake over. If you want alcohol flavouring in your cake inject or sprinkle the cake with 30ml of alcohol of you choice each week, such as brandy, rum, whisky, etc.

A few days before Christmas:

  • remove from the tin and spread with an apricot glaze (2 parts apricot jam, 1 part water, bring to boil and simmer to a syrup consistency - pass through a strainer to remove lumps)

  • cover with marzipan

  • cover with icing of choice - plastic or royal icing (see recipe for fuit cake)

  • decorate as required


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Born and raised in Plymouth, Tallyrand started his initial training as a chef at Plymouth College of Further Education. It was here that he was to learn his love, his passion for food and the culinary arts. From here he headed to Germany to complete his apprenticeship as Commis de Gardemanger.

Germany gave him his first taste of cooking for the rich and famous, as half way through his first year, along with the Sous Chef and a Chef de Partie, he was whisked off to Cologne to help prepare meals for a political conference, where amongst other dignitaries they cooked for Mr Brehznev, the then powerful Russian leader. This was to prove to be just one of the many celebrities he was to cook for or get to know over the years . . .

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