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Food tip on the use of dried fruit in baking

Ever bitten into a fruit cake or scone and nearly broken a tooth on a hard, overcooked currant or raisin?

Ever wondered why someone's fruit scones seem moister or more full of flavour than your own?

Th eproblem is easily overcomne with just a little forward planning. Simply soak the dried fruit in a liquid of your choice for a few hours or overnight. If you are in a hurry place them in the liquid and bring to the boil for one minute and allow to cool. The amount of liquid required depends on the the quality of the dried fruit you use but with a little experimentation you will find the right amount.

Anty excess liquid can simply be drained before you use the fruit.

What type of liquid to use? Well that is down to what flavour you want to add to the final product . . . wine, brandy, liquor of choice, orange juice or my favourite for a fairly neutral taste is tea, I like to use up what is left in the pot. But for a true neutral flavour use water with a little sugar or honey added . . . of course if you do so you will need to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe or leave it out all together.

Food tip on the use of butter in baking

A quick word about butter.

Most recipes for cakes and the like, call for unsalted butter. The reason for this is so that the sometimes subtle sweetness or flavours of the dish will not overwhelmed by the salt content.

Also many salted butters are very salty, so where something you are cooking is highly seasoned it means it will not end up unpalatable.


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