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Tips on pastry making

The secret to good pastry making is five fold and the tips given here can be transferred to most pastry and bread recipes:

  • Ensure that ingredients are measured exactly, the smaller the amount made the greater the disaster for smaller mistakes made.

  • Always sieve the flour at least three times, this is not to remove any lumps as commonly thought, but to evenly distribute the gluten content. If it is not evenly distributed then the pastry can shrink when cooked in the areas where there is concentrated gluten content.

  • Add a little lemon juice - this encourages the gluten strands to relax and shorten.

  • Work/handle the pastry as lightly as possible, when rubbing in the butter in short pastries use your fingertips only and lift them into the air, this allows air to get into the pastry and make it lighter, more delicate.

  • Each and every time the pastry is handled allow it to rest for at least an hour - after making, after rolling, etc. This allows the gluten strands to relax again, as each time you handle the pastry you stretch them out.


Food and Cooking Tips
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Chef Tallyrand


Born and raised in Plymouth, Tallyrand started his initial training as a chef at Plymouth College of Further Education. It was here that he was to learn his love, his passion for food and the culinary arts. From here he headed to Germany to complete his apprenticeship as Commis de Gardemanger.

Germany gave him his first taste of cooking for the rich and famous, as half way through his first year, along with the Sous Chef and a Chef de Partie, he was whisked off to Cologne to help prepare meals for a political conference, where amongst other dignitaries they cooked for Mr Brehznev, the then powerful Russian leader. This was to prove to be just one of the many celebrities he was to cook for or get to know over the years . . .

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