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Dispersing : to evenly distribute, scatter, break up the yeast through the liquid used. Similar to dissolve but this term is often used in recipes that use fresh yeast which is a living organism which cannot be dissolved. The liquid for this should be at 37° to 38C.
Kneading : to stretch and work a dough to develop the gluten strands, thus producing an elastic dough.
Proving : to ferment a dough under controlled temperatures so that it doubles in size, through a fermentation process. The recommended temperature range for this is between 22° to 30C.
Fermentation : the action of yeast + liquid + sugar + warmth that produces carbon dioxide gas (CO2). This is the process that causes the bread to rise and also what causes the bubbles in champagne, fizzy soft drinks, beer, etc.
Knocking back : to punch a proved dough which distributes the CO2 and yeast through the dough.
Scaling : to cut a large amount of dough into its required measured amounts for making loaves, etc.


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